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ALRUWAD LeycoChem is a worldwide well-known manufacturer of concrete additives and modern building materials. In the past, LeycoChem LEYDE products were produced in Iraq and had a good reputation with a big market share in the construction business. However, production stopped in the 1990’s due to the political circumstances that took place then. In 2010, a new joint venture company, ALRUWAD LeycoChem, was established in Iraq and a wide range of BETONAC® Additives is being produced locally since then


To produce a wide range of Concrete Additives & Modern Building Materials supported by  Professional Consultancy & Technical Supervision adopted from the World Class Standards to be a  competitive leader in re-building Iraq


Our goal is to contribute significantly in the rebuilding of Iraq by ensuring the highest German standard products are readily available in the country. We are proud to be at the forefront of nation building by offering construction related materials that ensure energy saving and a healthy environment which will benefit not only our generation but the generations to come

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